Nero Recode Menu Possible?



Hi all,

I’m burning TV episodes onto DVD using Nero Recode. It seems to go the fastest. Is there an option for enabling a quick menu screen before you burn, like you can in Nero Express for VCD’s? I don’t want anything fancy, just a basic menu screen to pick between the two or three episodes I’ll be able to fit per disc.


I don’t think what you want is possible without using an external program, and everything i’ve read seems like it would not be easy. If your files are .mpg maybe you might want to consider I use it to convert vcds to dvds and on a 2.5 p4 it converts in about 45 min. If they are avis it takes longer. It will let you add a simple menu. Its not free but there is a demo you can try.


Okay, thanks, sikoone. I was using Nero Vision Express, but it was a little too long a process. Guess I’ll have to write on the top of some of the DVD’s “Second episode at chapter 8!”


NeroVision is a good program, because it does allow you to do more with the dvd as far as the menu is concerned. The drawback is, its slow. That was the one thing that made me buy svcd2dvd, the speed. What it does is, it dosn’t convert the mpg it just patches the clip and fools the dvd player into thinking its a compliant file. What takes so long is it converts the audio; therefore if your file is already compliant (right resolution, right audio) its even faster. Forgive me if i rave on, but rarely do i buy programs (if you know what i mean) but this one is really good. Hopefully you’ll at least try the demo and see what i mean.