Nero recode, maximum speed problems


I’ve put this in another forum but I think it was the wrong one. I’m having a problem setting the speed on my writer in Nero Recode. When I’m compressing a 4.7 DVD it allows me to set the speed of the writer, but when I come to write a duel layer dvd it won’t let me set the speed of the right. The speed setting shows as ‘greyed out’ and doesn’t let me click on it. My writer writes duel layer at 4x so it keeps writing at 4 when my media is only 2.4, so I’ve had a DL jittering a lot. Anyone ever come across this before? I swear that I’ve been able to set the speed before, so I don’t understand whats going on!

I think you have used DL- and they are 4x rated.

With my trusty old Sony DRU-500A burner (4x max), Nero Recode being set for MAXIMUM burn speed worked fine… every DVD worked great (play in my Pioneer DV-440 stand alone DVD player).

I got a Lite-On 1693s, and now with the Same SONY 1-8x +R single layer(YUDEN000T02) I get high failure rate (i.e. problems durring play back in my Pioneer DV-440) and poor quality scans when Recode is set at MAXIMUM burn speed. HOWEVER If I manually set the burn speed to 8x, the discs are GREAT!! (play without problems in the Pioneer, and good scans).

With Verbatim +R DL’s, the burn speed is set as MAXIMUM and grayed out, so I can’t set it manually, and my burns are inconsistant… many fail (play back problems in stand alone), and give poor quality scans… I wish I could manually set the burn speed to see if that helps, but I can’t :frowning: .

(quality scans done with Nero CD-DVD speed… and a few are posted in starting around post #75)…