Nero recode looking for a phantom



Ok heres my story, I have a dvd movie that has a ton of scratches all over it that somehow runs nearly perfectly in the dvd player. Even so I decided enough was enough so I put it in the computer to make a backup. It wouldn’t copy with nero, so I used a tool to extract the information to the hard drive. Now when I try to edit it with nero recode it says it cant find a file called vts_01_8.vob, IT DOESNT EXIST anyway!!!

could anyone please help me?


Get yourself DVD Shrink ( which duplicates & compresses DVDs far more easily than Nero.
If the DVD has protection on it then you might need to use DVD Decrypter (same source) to rip it to the hard drive first.


dvdshrink doesn’t work either, as I said all the files are on the hard drive.


If it helps I have attached an image of the message box that dvd shrink displays asking for the vob that doesn’t exist. Even when I fake it (copy another vob file and call it what its looking for) it looks for another vob file that doesn’t exist!

The whole movie is on the harddrive (ripped) and I don’t want to go back tot he wrecked dvd that caused me to reset my computer several times.

I tried another tool called shrinkt5 gui but that keeps crashing in random places so it doesn’t help much.


come on, isn’t there anyone who can help?