Nero recode issue - pls help

hi. i’m having some issues trying to recode dvds with nero. it just keeps counting the elapsed time but nothing happens. it does not start burning the dvd. if i’m not using the “on the fly” option it will successfully finish encoding but nothing happens after that. if i’m using the “on the fly” it will just keep counting time but again, nothing. i have the latest recode and tried upgrading the firmware. i also tried it on 2 different laptops. i tried different dvds - protected and not. i also have “anydvd” running and i tried disabling it but still no luck. i have an external sony drx-700ul connected through the i.Link. dvdshrink has no issues whatsoever doing the same thing but i can get the recode to work. i also searched the forum but did not find anything related. did anyone else have this problem? thank you!

sorry, did not realize there is a separate recode forum. please disregard this post