Nero Recode is dumb as hell

I was using Nero Recode to split some dual-layer DVDs onto 2 single layer DVDs, keeping the original menus. When you de-select a title, it gives you the option to replace the title with a custom picture. After some fiddling, I figured out that a 720x500 BMP works great. I thought this was a great feature, because I could put in a picture that reminds you the title is on the other disk of a 2 disk set.

So I tried it. Stupid Nero Recode creates an MPEG2 file of the BMP for as long as the original title. So my 900MB title now only takes 350MB!!! Great feature. I was expecting it to replace the title with a short (5 sec) video of the bitmap, so deleting the original title actually saves some space.

Back to using CloneDVD for now.

P.S.-- This is for Nero, I’m afraid to upgrade to 7 based on feedback on this forum (Nero Vision not working in