Nero recode how do i use it



please can anyone tell me in laymans terms how do i use the nero recode.?also i have a film to burn to disc but when i try to burn it a message comes up that says there isnt enough space on my disc …it is a 4.7g (120 mins).how do i compress the files please…can nero recode do this ? please go easy on me as i am nearly a silver surfer…ha ha many thanks


Use DVDShrink, its free, it will do what you need to. Then burn the files back with Nero Express.


thanks for your reply but i had dvd shrink and couldnt work it at all…any more programme suggestions and also can nero recode do the shrinking so that i am able to burn my film to disc…please …


There is a Recode user guide at

(not sure if site is down or our firewall won’t let me get there)