Nero Recode - free "nul" screens



Nero’s free Recode, evidently designed in large part by DVDShrink, implements a new feature that allows the user to replace an unwanted extra with a bmp image.

The bmp image is sustained for the length of however long the original (deleted) segment was, so as to preserve the disc’s structure and menus and so forth.

The “nul screen” bmp that comes included with Recode is rather elaborate - a filmstrip and lens flare and an English text message that says “The video has been removed.”

It has been noted that this image is so elaborate that it ends up using quite a bit of space. Since you can select a new bmp image, some have chosen to use a solid black image. I find that confusing, because one never knows if their DVD player has just failed to get to the extra, or what. Therefore…

I’ve created what I hope some may like even better - two variations on the universal “circle with a crossout through it”, in dark grey on a solid black background. This should appeal to all languages. The variant bmp offers the same image, with the single simple word “DELETED” written over it (in the tall, narrow movie poster font typeface, which seemed appropriate and neutral looking, and somewhat dignified).

The bmps are zipped together into this tiny zip file (tiny because they’re nearly solid black images). Please feel free to take these and put them in your folder and use them when you want. Perhaps some sites can start making collections of these nul screens. They’re free for all.

Download free nul screens (click here)


I’ve added a “green screen” based on the theatrical green-band trailers (the ones that say “the following preview has been approved for all audiences by the motion picture association of america”). Here’s a thumbnail of all three images, which are contained in the same single zip file as given above.


Thanks for sharing willb3d, very usefull !