Nero Recode for linux, when?



Hello dear staff,
I’d like to know when will nero recode be available also for linux!
Thx for your answer,


doubt it will, dvdshrink was never going to be ported, so why should recode?


3 simple reasons:

  • dvdshrink does run under wine, but it’s exceptionaly slow, and the quality of the trancodes is utterly … BAD.

  • recode is superior in many ways. by far.

  • recode’s setup.exe is not folled by wine. it just won’t install.


This is going to be ported to Linux and really looks nice.
At the moment i use lxdvdrip for my Video-DVD Backups, thats really great.


Let’s hope the software is better than their english skills - globally, the site is quite pathetic.
The “comming soon” on the Linux version banner scared me.

Yes, i’ve been fiddling with lxdvdrip too, BUT… how do you strip an unwanted titleset? Or replace it with a single image, or a slideshow?

Nero Recode simply… rocks. :slight_smile:


I am just satisfied with the functions lxdvdrip has. I just want the movie in my language, nothing else :wink:

But you are right, nero recode would be a nice thing