Nero Recode Error

Recently I have been having problems using Nero Recode. I get the following error messege as soon as Recode starts to encode…

failed to read from the file %s.

Anyone seen this before? Any solutions?

I am using Nero 6.6, along with anydvd 5.9.1

Thanks for your help,

have you ripped the files to your hard drive first?

ripping first solves 99% of problems with recode/shrink.

No, I know I am able to rip and then burn seperatly. However, I have been using Recode (w/anydvd) to do both, with out problems up until now. I always get the “failed to read from the file %s” error.

Here is the log if it helps.

********** Nero Recode 2 SE **********


Project type: Main Movie to DVD
Target size: DVD5 (2282925)

14:30:08 File LangStreamPatcher.cpp, Line 56
Command table patching started…

14:30:08 File LangStreamPatcher.cpp, Line 133
All tables successfully patched!

Burn settings:
Target: Hard disk folder
Number of copies: 1
Target folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Nero Recode (129094217728 bytes free)
Shutdown when finished: false
Advanced Analysis: false
Compress Adaptive: false

14:30:15 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 231
Compile DVD: init

VTS_01 Title Vobs [13695 vobus] 4777.75MB -> 4271.33MB [R 1.00]
Video: 3859.02MB, extra: 412.31MB
Audio: 3 streams
0. 0. Dolby Digital 5.1-ch English 385.56MB [enabled]

    1. Dolby Digital 5.1-ch French 330.59MB [disabled]
    1. Dolby Digital 2-ch English 165.09MB [disabled]
      Subpicture: 4 streams
    1. English 4.65MB [disabled]
    1. French 2.88MB [disabled]
    1. Spanish 3.21MB [disabled]
    1. French 0.00MB [disabled]

14:30:46 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 1152
Compile DVD: begin copy 1

14:30:46 File NeroRecorder.cpp, Line 122
Writing to harddrive folder started

14:30:46 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 479
Compile DVD: burning 2282925 sectors (2186998 required)

14:30:46 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 656
Compile DVD: adjust target size to 4458.84MB (4271.48MB obtained)

14:30:46 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 524
Compiling DVD Volume started

14:30:59 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 381
Failed to read from the file ^.

14:30:59 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 382
Compiling DVD volume failed

14:30:59 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 301
Compile DVD: exit

14:30:59 File burner.cpp, Line 961
Failed to read from the file АU(Љ.