Nero Recode. DVD+R or -R?

I am attempting to learn how to create a DVD from VHS tapes and have managed to copy a VHS tape to a DVD using a DVD recorder using a DVD+R disc because I could not get a DVD-R disc to run on the DVD recorder. I could not find Nero Recode on my copy of Nero6 so I deleted it and then reloaded it which allowed me to take the upgrades where Nero Recode was.
I have got as far as attempting to rip the DVD+R disc using Nero Recode but am not getting far.
Will Nero Recode handle a DVD+R or does it have to have a DVD-R disc?

Did you FINALIZE the DVD-R disk? My recorder requires that for DVD-R and DVD-RW media, I must do the FINALIZE step from their main menu, and then it will be read by my system.

Assuming that the DVD+R or DVD-R is readable, all you should have to do is copy the entire VIDEO_TS folder over to your local hard drive.

You can then open that VIDEO_TS folder with a program like DVD Shrink, which is free, and do editing and the like. Or if you have a commercial program, like Ulead DVD MovieFactory, you can do things like making DVD screen menus, create chapters, etc.

@BML: Presumably this query is related to your previous thread here:

I realise you are new to all this, but it appears you are not reading all the information contained in the posts there. For example, it has already been pointed out that your Cambridge Audio DVD recorder can only use +R or +RW discs, not -R or -RW. Just to clarify, in the post above, BeardedKirklander is making a generic point about the use of his own -R discs on the Panasonic, not that a -R is the type of disc that you should use.

It has also been pointed out on four separate occasions that you should tell us whether the DVD+R has been finalised in the recorder before attempting to transfer to the PC. This is absolutely essential before your PC drive will read the disc made in the DVD recorder, and no program like Nero or Ulead Movie Factory will be able to help until you see whether this finalise step has been done.

It is very frustrating for us trying to help if you do not answer the simple questions posed. We are very patient on the Newbie forum, but please understand we depend on adequate feedback if that patience is not to be dissipated.