Nero Recode + DVD Decrypter + Main Movie


Can you use DVD-Decrypter (latest version) to rip out the main movie,either through IFO or FILE mode,then import into NERO Recode and transcode it down to a size to fit onto a DVD-5

Every time i use DVD-Decrypter to rip out just the main movie,i cannot import into Recode(am i doing something wrong? :confused: )

I realise i could rip the whole DVD,and let Recode handle the whole thing,including menus,but i really do not want the menus.

Otherwise i gonna have to take a look at CloneDVD,or go back to DVDShrink 3.0b5



From what I’ve heard,Nero Recode was done by the same people who did either DVDShrink or DVD2One,so it should work.
Have you checked the box :Fit to DVD?? Good Luck…:cool:

I figured out what i was doing wrong :confused: ,i was using DVD-Decrypter to extract just the main film,but when you try and import it into Recode,it would fail because Decrypter+Smartripper do not update the .IFO files to take into account it is now just the main film.
So i used DVD-FAB which will update the .IFO files at the end of ripping to represent just the main film.

I also tried using IFOEdit .96 which can do the same,after ripping main film using Decrypter or Smartripper