Nero Recode DVD compression problems



Hi Everyone,

Tonight I used Nero Recode, from Nero 7, on my WinXP pro SP3 computer, to compress a full size DVD to dvd5{4.7} . Before starting Nero Recode, I scanned the DVD with “AnyDVD” .
And when I then tried to burn the compilation with Nero burning rom, I received a error message telling me the video file was too large to fit on a standard 4.7 blank disk .
When I checked the Nero recode log file, I saw this info…

"VTS_01 Title Vobs:
Original 5606.07MB -> Expected 4458.69MB -> Output 4492.93MB
Finished error -0.00MB
Ratio encoded = 14123
Original encoded = 5
Slide encoded = 0
StillImage encoded = 0
Output extra size = 604.42MB
Source video size = 4465.69MB
Pictures Modified [I 4014] [P 10333] [B 113989]

20:41:25 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 617
Compile DVD: completed successfuly (4493.09MB)

20:41:27 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 308
Compile DVD: exit "
Nero Recode failed to compress the DVD to 4.7 , according to the log . But my computer says the same DVD file is only 4.38 gb .
And the other night, Recode failed to compress a DVD at all.
Any ideas on what the problem may be ?