Nero Recode cant "see" vob files

I’m having trouble with Nero Recode 2 . When I decrypt a DVD to a file , then try to use Recode to burn it, when I select the file that the vob file is in , I get an error message that it cannot find the file. I can go to it myself and play the file with showtime. This happens with any of my movies. I’m new to this , but I’m not a completel idiot when it comes to computers. Another thing is NeroVision Express often locks up on me if I try to make a movie that way. Thought that might be usefull info , too. Thanks guys. :bow:

Can’t you just use a temp folder and select your burner as the target? Seems a little more logical to me, but I don’t use recode very often anymore.

It cannot find the vob files on my computer . When I select the file that they are in , I get an error message that says Nero cannot find the files specified.

Another thing is that Nero Vision DOES see them but usually freezes up when I try to burn them ( I’ve completed 1 out of 10 attempts, all different movies). Nero Recode just doesn’t see them at all. Any other suggestions? Maybe another program to burn DVD’s?

Dvd Shrink. Written by the author of Recode, but fairly bugless. It is actually just a ripping/encoding program but it integrates with Nero, and does it very well. Best part is it’s free.

If you are looking to buy a program, then, strictly for copying I prefer CloneDvd.

What do you mean by “when I select the file that the vob file is in”?
When you open a Nero Recode’s project you have to supply it the actual VOB files (and the other files you need for the DVD), it doesn’t have resources to look for “VOB files inside other files” (still don’t understand you mean by this).
Recodes task is to compress files to fit in your media.

Sorry. Let me try to clear things up a bit. When I decrypt my dvd’s ,I send them to a folder , for example ,C:\Documents and Settings\Right Counter\My Documents\WaynesWorld . When I try to recode this movie , I select the WaynesWorld folder ,but the folder never opens to show the vob files , but I get the error message( cannot find file) .

I said file in my original post, but should have said folder , I guess. Once again , sorry to be so confusing. Thanks for all the help so far. :clap:

Let me get this straight. Are you ripping to your hard drive, then recoding?

Open Recode then select Full or Movie Only. Click “Import DVD”. Double click on the folder you have saved, it should have 2 folders inside, a Viedo _TS and an Audio_TS folder. Highlite the Video_TS folder and the click “OK”. At this point it should start analizing the files.

Yes. Sorry I didn’t make myself clearer.

O.k. WOBBLE , I’ll give it a shot when I get home . I’m at work right now.

It worked. I was decrypting only the main movie files , not the whole dvd. I only had time to do one movie , but it worked great! Thanks again . :clap: :bow: :clap: