Nero Recode 3

Hi All,

I have a bit of a problem with Recode 3.

Every time i import a dvd to be encoded my pc hangs.

Recode goes through its initial analysis and then it just starts useing like 100% CPU and my PC is non resposive. I takes like 10 min to get the task manager up when i press Ctr Alt Del.

Ne1 else have this problem.

I tried a few other dvd’s but all the same. I ripped them with Anydvd.

Please help…

Well thats wired cos i just backed up the same movie on a diferant PC (blood Diamond) with Anydvd.

And nero recode 3 works fine o_O

I reinstalled nero 8 on the problem pc but still the same. Its just crashed after dvd import.

Are there any know programs that stuff up recode??

How much CPU power do you have in that pc? RAM?

maybe a cpu problem is the cause of the misfunction

Im having the same problem. I wait till anyDVD runs and then start recode. Then it reads it and when it’s done and you are to click “next” to go to the Burn options it freezes!

I am using Recode 3 (right now actually) and there is a Priority field under Options. I set mine to Low and can cruise the net or use other programs while encoding!