Nero Recode 3 issues!



Hey, I’ve been backing up some dvds using Nero Recode 3. I have been using the default Nero Digital AVC profile. I haven’t changed any of the encoder settings for the AVC but instead of using AAC for the audio I want to use the original AC3 from the DVD. I’m not doing this to get 5.1 sound but simply because I don’t like the normalizing method that Nero Recode uses. For example gun fire sounds muffled and on the other hand, some whispers are too loud.

But when I do this the resultant mp4 file contains the AC3 stream but I can’t hear any audio and the frame rate is a bit jittery. No matter what media program I use to play it I have the same problem. If I do use AAC, the file works perfectly. I have never had issues playing mp4 files containing AC3 before this so I don’t know what the issue is.

I could use other programs such as Vobedit and Virtualdubmod to mux the audio into the mp4 but it would be a lot quicker if I could fix the problem with Recode. Does anybody know anything about this???


There are some problems using AC3 in mp4 containers. I’ve seen some discussions on this at doom9 and the Handbrake developer forums (not a regular at either site, just doing some background research on this subject). Nero is apparently making a non-standard .mp4 container file when you use AC3 in one.

I haven’t used Recode in a very long time, but the only guide I found for converting to AVC with it says: [I]If you’re not going to play the file either with Nero’s Showtime player or on a Nero Digital certified standalone DVD player you should always encode to AAC.[/I]