Nero Recode 2 without installing Nero 7?

Hi, this is a question that maybe sounds stupid…
I´m using Nero (latest Nero 6 version) and i want to use the latest Nero Recode 2 version (, but i DO NOT WANT/LIKE to install Nero 7 package…How can i do that? Is there a way to use Nero Recode 2 as an stanalone program?´s possible to extract NR2 from the Nero 7 package?
When u launch the Nero 7 installation, it´s says that it will remove all previous nero versions installed (so “bye bye Nero 6”)…and i really don´t like the Nero 7 package, its full of s…and let´s face it…NR2 it´s a 20mb program…i´m not planning to install 200mb to use it and screw my windows xp installation

I´m accepting any sugestions/comments and i apologize for my poor english.

I don’t have the link readily available, but how about Nero Lite installed to a different folder?

Thanks for the idea, but Nero Lite package does NOT include NR2…is there any way to extract NR2 from the Nero 7 package?

You could just do a custom install and de-select everything except Nero core files and Recode. That’s pretty much what I do and just leave out the other 12 or so filler apps.

but in the last nero 7 version, the program REMOVE ANY previous version of Nero (bye bye Nero 6) :frowning: