Nero Recode 2 : Ver : Crashing

Hi All.

First post so be kind :wink:

If I take an MPEG2 file and try and user Nero Recode 2 (Ver and re-encode it to Standard AVC its crashes with “Nero Recode 2 has encountered a problem and needs to close etc.”

Sometimes it crashes straight away, sometimes it can get to 30% of the way through the second pass. Now if I use Nero Vision Express to re-encode the same file to Standard AVC it works fine!!

Don’t really know what to check for, obviously no log is created because the file is never re-encoded, the program just drops its log :wink:



Well just to prove a point I did a fresh install of XP and I still get the same error :frowning:

Anybody with a X2 able to user Nero Recode 2 and AVC without a crash?



I’m getting all sorts of program crashes and sometimes it refuses to load at all, and hangs the entire IDE bus requiring a hard boot. Haven’t used Recode much in the past so I don’t know when the trouble started, but recent Nero updates are suspect in a number of issues with Recode and DVDShrink.

Yeah its a shame, I’d really like it to work as I like their AVC engine and its pretty “plug and play” to use, I’ve sent them an email to see if they can offer any explanation but I’m not shelling out $70 for software that doesn’t work!

The reason I’ve been persevering with it is that it has pretty good support for DVR-MS (Media Center 2005).

Oh well its Nero’s loss :wink:


Ahead support is sort of a joke. They’ve been no help whatsoever with the issues here. Keep telling me to run the cleaning tools.

If I had a £1 for everytime I’ve run the “cleaning tool” I’d have enough to buy the software :wink:

I’m a newcomer to this scene. Just tried to use the Nero ‘Recode 2’ facility for first time today, on a DVD-RW. But it immediately gave me a message:

“Nero Recode 2 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

Not very informative or helpful!

Terry, West Sussex, UK

yup, i’ve had this several times when using recode to make nero digital files from a dvd (never when just shrinking a dvd).

i initially thought it was due to recode using 100% cpu for 15mins+ and the cpu overheating, but then the machine doesn’t crash, just recode, so that’s not it.

i’ve found the way to [sometimes] get around it is to use it for short periods - like on a episodic dvd, just recode one title at a time, not a whole dvd.

the annoying thing is that it usually crashes well into the process, not at the beginning, so wastes your time too.

If using Nero 6 with an X2 processor start recode then hit alt+cntrl+del to bring up window task manager. Click on Processes Tab, find Recode.exe right click then select Set Affinity and check mark only one processor. Recode (avc mode) can not use both processors in Nero 6.

P.S. In Nero 7 the problem is apparently fixed because I purchased it and I don`t have this problem.