Nero Recode 2 surpasses 34 million downloads in first nine weeks

I just posted the article Nero Recode 2 surpasses 34 million downloads in first nine weeks.

Ahead Software, leaders in digital media
technology, announced today that Nero Recode 2™, the latest addition to Nero
6™, its award-winning digital media software suite, has surpassed…

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They can “hit” any number of dowloads this does not change simple fact - Nero Recode2 and their codec did not took off :d

34 million have downloaded it, and 33.999995 have switched back to DVDShrink, DVD2ONe, etc. :o

I love Recode 2 :B Easy to use one step with great results :X

Same I love recode2, I been use since come out, and am very happy whit it:S

According to this independent test Recode is a piece of semi-junk:-)

Cool review! I really did not know about the Intervideo DVD copy to be so good. I tried this app. to make a DivX from a DVD and it does the job really bad… I’ll try it with DVD to DVD copy asap. :stuck_out_tongue: About Recode 2 even if it’s not so good with DVD9 to DVD5 copy I think what they claim about Nero Digital is quite true. Try to convert a big movie to a single 80 min CD-R with Nero Digital, DivX and Xvid then watch and compare the features and the quality of the results … :B
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Here are also some additional comments about the review. Altough it’s intention seems to be good it might have missed some points. here is our independent review of Recode 2.
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