Nero Recode 2 Playback


Firstly, I’m pretty much a beginner at encoding files to CD or DVD. I followed the guide ( which was great for someone like me to encode a DVD file to CD, which I did for a test run. The encoding process turned out flawless, but the only thing is, the CD ONLY plays on my computer and NOT on a standalone DVD player.

Any suggestions why that is. Both of my standalone DVD players are verily new (latest one is a Marantz DV6400) and the other one is a Panasonic RA-60 which I know both of them play CD-Rs. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


by the sounds of it you’ve recoded your movie to a nero digital file.

at the moment i beleive that there are no stand alone dvd players that will play the file, i think i’m right in thinking that there are players on the way that will play it but when i don’t know.

hope that helps

Thx for the reply specinv. Your right that the file is in nero digital format, and I just thought the program would somehow change the code so that standalone DVD players would be able to recognize it as a VCD type of disc. Oh well.

The video quality of the DVD movie looks really good on a CD. Compressed from 4.3gb to 713mb with very little loss of quality that I can see :slight_smile:

You can use NeroVision Express to make a SVCD that will play on most home DVD players. It takes a little practice but it works ok. Usually it takes 2 or sometimes 3 CD’s to do the whole movie. It does work well. I made all my backups using SVCD format until I got my DVD burner(Nec ND3500DL) which is all I use now. You will need AnyDVD running in the background if these are commercial(CSS protected) discs.