Nero Recode 2 or Any dvd Issue (Bourne Supremacy)

Failed on version new DVD out today “Bourne Supremacy the”

So I uninstalled and installed the new version as at 24/1/05; which also failed.

Re installed back to

I believe that this is a Nero Recode issue not a Any dvd problem.

Any comments will be gratefully be appreciated re this issue.

Does it work with DVDDecrypter?

i’ve had bourne supremacy since before it was officially released in the US. it ripped just fine with Decryptor. perhaps they added some new protection, or DVDs in other countries have diff protection schemes.

Nero Recode does not do anything with copyright protected DVDs AFAIK, because of legal issues I think. Older versions still may be able to do that before the date the new copyright laws in Germany were signed, but I cannot recall when (not interested in DVD-Video).

Recode´s main focus are people who want to transfer their DV Home videos to (probably unprotected) DVDs for friend & family. It is not meant as a real ripping program.

I am not an expert but I hope this helps.

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That’s why he is using AnyDVD…

I would recommend trying DVDDecryptor on this disk.

Not possible. No DVD player would work with that disk then, which would make it rather useless.

im not sure what you’re trying to say here. what’s not possible? of course different region DVDs can have diff copy protection schemes.

I’ve seen this also.Saw Bourne Supremacy done with anydvd 3.9/Recode 2,no problems.

They can have different keys. They can’t have a new protection method for compatibility reasons.

perhaps they added some new protection