Nero Recode 2 ISO file backup/burn?

First, I hope that I have the correct section,

I need a little help again. I’ve run into a problem with backing up a movie. I’ve used DVDD w/AnyDVD, no problems there. Then I used DVD-Remake Pro (to remove ads, etc. then it created a new set of DVD files) no problems there. I tested the files using Power DVD and Media Player to test the files first. N0 problems there.

The problem I had was that I used Recode 2 to encode and and save the the resulting files to an ISO image of which I then transferred that ISO image to my main machine that has my Plextor dvd burner in it to burn with. I Used Nero Burn Rom to open and burn the ISO movie file, but after that, the movie would not play in my DVD player nor would it play in my PC. This is the first time I’ve ever created a ISO to burn from.

Did I do something wrong?

Now, If I decide to just re-encode the movie with Recode and just save the resulting files to my hard drive rather than creating an ISO, how do I burn those files? Usually I just have the process go straight through all the way to disc burn and have yet to have a problem with Recode, but I built a little machine just for movie backups that does not have a burner in it yet. So I just transfer the files/ISO to my main machine then burn the ISO. I’ve only tried things this way once last night.

Oh yeah, I’m using the latest version of Nero 7 Ultra
Thanks for the help.