Nero Recode 2 & "Initial Analysis"

Hi all,

must say I’m very impressed by this new version of Recode: quality is great (Advanced Analysis enabled), nice features, very easy to use and even the time it takes to process is rather impressive (< 30 min. for a 2>hours movie-only). Being a DVD2One-user, I will test Recode 2 on another couple of movies, but I’m already very tempted to jump ship …

One thing I would like to know is where Recode 2 saves/stores the processed “First/Initial Analysis” data (files). I guess that since you quit and restart Recode 2 and use the same movie/source, the (initial) analysis is skipped, the data must be stored somewhere, isn’t it?

Thanks for the feedback,



I think it is in:
Documents&Settings/All Users/Ahead/Nero Recode/DVD Info/

Don´t rely on the exact wording I´m using a german Windows so my translation might not be totally exact but I guess you will understand where to find it.

Regards - Morlock

Hi Morlock,

you are correct! Thought these files would take more space … just around 20-30K each …



Where does DVD Shrink store this info?


C:\documents & settings[current user]\program data\DVD Shrink 3.0
Or similar…