Nero Recode 2 error problem

Hello, I just downloaded the latest and greatest nero version and nopw I’m getting this error " Nero Recode 2 encountered an error and cannot continue. Failed to read from file VTS_01_0.IFO. The parameter is incorrect. " Any help would be great Thanks

Are you using the Burn at once option?

No, I haven’t got that far yet, the error was coming up at the point after I clicked to import the files.

I had the same problem with the latest Recode.
Tried DVD Shrink and it werked fine on the same DVD!

Make sure you’ve enabled the “Prompt to include DVD data files when importing” option. I was having the same error but now its gone.

I enabled it, and I still get the same error. I have downloaded DVD Shrink, but havent used it yet, I would really rather use nero since I spent money on it :slight_smile: LOL

Maybe there’s something wrong with the IFO file?

I have had the exact same problem - Nero Recode 2 encountered an error …

I think the problem is due to SmartRipper 2.41 having problems with the newer DVD’s. (2002 and newer)

I have since switched to DVD Decrypter and I no longer encounter this problem.

Good luck.