Nero Recode 2 booktype setting

Has anyone tried playing around with the DVD Book Type Settings in DVD REcode 2? The options are : automatic, DVD-ROM, physical disc type, and current recorder setting.

I am not sure which to choose for the best burn?

From the Recode help file:

Book Type settings
The recording dialog in Nero Recode 2 lets the user determine the Book Type Setting for several DVD recorders when burning DVDs. The Book Type field of a DVD helps DVD players to identify the inserted disk and determines the DVD’s level of compatibility.

Click on ‘DVD Book Type settings’ on the drop-down button and select the desired setting:

1 -Automatic Nero Recode 2 automatically selects the most suitable Book Type for this disk.
2 - DVD-ROM The Book Type is set to ‘DVD-ROM’.
3 - Physical disk type The Book Type as given on the DVD is not changed.
4 - Current recorder setting The Book Type setting is read by the recorder.

So it sounds like:

1 = Nero decides what’s best
2 = Set it to be DVD-ROM
3 = Whatever the disc is (+R, +RW) disc stays the same
4 = Whatever your burner is set to by default is used

Whatever you select has no affect on the burn quality but for many users setting it to DVD-ROM will solve compatability problems when using DVD+R media in standalone DVD Players. They will then recognise the disk as a DVD-ROM & play it whereas they may not recognise it when it’s set as DVD+R & say illegal disc (or similar).

It seems to me that most DVDs are DVD-ROM, but what we record is not DVD-ROM but more DVD+R or DVD-R. I’ve never bought a DVD and my player couldn’t play it. Is this because what i bought is a DVD-ROM and not a DVD+R or DVD-R ?

If you’ve bought original movies then they will always be DVD-ROM.

As you say what you buy & burn is DVD+R or -R and some players are picky about these disks.

All the DVD+R disks I burn are book typed to DVD-ROM as all my burners are capable of this function. I do this even though my Pioneer player will play anything I chuck at it.

FWIW, I always use -R media which is not changable to DVD-ROM. I have never had a disc not play. I have JVC players that are about 3 years old at the most. When the first DVD players came out, almost none would play a burnable disc. As time passed they began to play -R. Now most play -R & +R without a problem. It kinda depends on how old your player is, whether its a el-cheapo brand and the quality of media you use.

Most newer DVD players will play regardless of what type of Media you use plus or minus.
I seem to be running into playback problem when my Nero set all my plus disc to minus.
When I put the disc in my player it will try to read then it will eventually eject the disc, and I have tried this on several machine and they all do the same thing.
So when I burn my Plus disc I have to make sure to set it to physical disc type.

I wish I could have that setting as a default because it will go back to automatic when you’re done. Does anybody know on how to set that to default? It will stay at default when you do it at burning rom but not when you do it on “Copy DVD into one” I like this feautre because I can choose only the main movie and trim all the end credit
to free up the space so I can get the encoding to 100% as much as possible on some movies.