Nero Recode Telling Me Movie Won't Fit onto DVD?

Hi everyone first time poster…long time reader.

I am having a wierd problem which I don’t see anyone else having on the forums. I am using the latest version of Nero and Anydvd

Ok so I turn on Anydvd and then jump into recode to backup my movie. So Recode does its thing and then when it gets to the part where it asks to insert a blank dvd into the drive I put one in and then it spits it out saying there is not enough space. I did an “Advanced Analysis” & “High Quality mode”. I tried inserting a DVD-R and 2 different brand DVD+R’s but no go says will not fit which makes no sense since the original settings were set to fit onto 4.7dvd. I am using a NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG drive.

Anyone out there know what could be happening?? :confused:

Not sure if this is your problem, but look here.

hey sockeye thanks for the thread…I can’t make out if it applies or doesn’t because I setup recode to fit it to a 4.7 dvd in the drop down menu and it procedes to encode it to the temp folder but then when I insert to dvd it says cannot fit onto the dvd.

Today I encoded it to the hard drive option then burnt it to the dvd without a problem. There must be some sort of flaw in recode :eek:

Not sure about the flaw fcastro, do you have enough disk space in the location designated for the temp file, or is it telling you not enough space on the media?
In any event, your soulution to make a file first, was a better method in the long run. Most forum members seem to agree, that burning a file to the hd first is really the best way to go. This method affords you the oppurtunity to preview the results (ie: correct soundtrack, properly working menus, etc.) with a pc player, before you burn to disk. :slight_smile:

Agreed. I never rip-encode-burn in one step. There are just too many things going on that can go wrong. I always rip to HD, reencode to files or ISO, check results in PowerDVD or VLC & THEN burn the resulting files/image to disc.

Maybe a little more interaction but never a problem. The only trouble I run into is with a scratched disc (more cleaning during ripping needed) or when a new protection comes along and I need to find a fix. But these aren’t really software problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

have you tried using dvd shrink instead of nero recode with any dvd or idle pro running in the background? or maybe try using different media


Have Youy Tried Using Dvd Shrink Instead With Anydvd Running In The Background Or Maybe Try Different Media In Case You Have A Duff Batch


Posting late to the game here, but…
On the initial screen where you choose the compression for the various parts of the title, does Recode show it as fitting within the 4600MB indicator at the bottom of the screen?

The other thing that might be happening (since we don’t know what you are trying to compress)… there are some DVD’s out there that are encoded with ADPCM soundtracks. Neither Recode nor DVDShrink will compress ADPCM audio streams. That could be your problem. ???

Note that there are newer versions for Nero Recode2 and AnyDVD

That happened to me too.
I ripped the DVD to my HD using RipIt4Me. I used Recode to remake the DVD and selected DVD-5 in the “Fit to Target” drop menu.
When I tried to burn the image using Nero Burning Rom I got a message saying that the image was too large for the media. I tried MCC004, TY02, Maxell 02, and could not burn.
I ended up reauthoring that movie with DVD Shrink, and the image burned without a problem.
I thought that it was only my problem since I’m new to Recode (as you can see in another post in this forum).
I’m using Recode