Nero receives official LightScribe certification, integrated into Nero 6 software



I just posted the article Nero receives official LightScribe certification, integrated into Nero 6 software.

Nero, leaders in digital media technology,
announced today that it has partnered with LightScribe to bring the Direct Disc
Labeling technology to Nero’s vast community of users. With this…

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Nice, but I still have my concerns about LightScribe: 1) High price of LightScribe blank discs. 2) No colour prints. Monochrome only. 3) Fading in UV light seems to be an issue that is only vaguely talked about on the FAQ. I think it’s quite susceptible to fading under direct sunlight from what I can gather there. 4) Printing taking a while means you’d be pressed for time to do more than a few of these in a single session. 5) Cheap inkjets with far faster print times and full colour printing on economical inkjet media are quite popular now (and quite easy to use). Overall, I think this tech has limited appeal. Still curious to see results, though.


One would assume you could halve the MTBF on drives…:X


Seems like need to buy a HP computer to get LightScribe. That sucks. Remember the 1.3 GB CDRW Unit from Sony? lightScribe’s end will be pretty much the same.


Word has it has a “high quality” lightscribe full-disc graphical print takes about 45 minutes, but a standard quality text-only print is much faster.


Wrong! Being a HP technology it can be found elsewere, depending on drive manufactures…as the same laser is used, firmware could even do that for previous devices…but in new ones, they can choose to integrate the facility. Other problems are . just a grey scale of printing and effects on disc protecting layers…and therefore on life expectancy.