Nero reaches 200 million-users worldwide and 10th anniversary

I just posted the article Nero reaches 200 million-users worldwide and 10th anniversary.

Nero, leaders in digital media technology,
announced today 200 million users milestone of their popular digital media
software suite. A significant portion of the world’s PC users in Europe,…

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all we need now is a 10th anniversary price say £29.99 well it was worth trying:g

no, all we now is nero 7 to come out on, not out until 2nd nov ish:(!

well you can get it, if you know where :wink:

the leaked versions are bound to be earlier builds though, hopefully the build out on nov 2nd will be newer and fix some bugs!

200 million users? How they get that number? is that how many OEMs which I always throw away, or is that based on downloads which I download each time at least once (thank god for work connections), or is it doing phone home?

It is probably an “educated guess”. In other words: marketing babble.

It’s available for sale in Canada and ON SALE! It’s a good program but I don’t like having to pay to get the extra features-like MP3 PRO.

200 million is definetly based on the number of shipped OEM copies + retail & online sales. OF course what’s more important here is that imho, Nero 7 should have been an opportunity to rewrite/rework Nero into a better “under the covers” application. Instead Ahead has added a couple more piles to the stack and increased the bloatware. Nero needs to support update packs, and a more flexible install that lets me choose just a simple burning app with video & audio conversion (which should bring us to less than 10megs) to choosing to install the side apps like video & sound editing and etc. I was going to compare Nero to Photoshop, both apps are infamous for launching a new version for the sake of driving sales, but at least Photoshop makes some obvious improvements, and not just mere bloat features.