Nero: re authoring dvds, and can't get rid of subtitles

I’m burning DVDs with DVDshrink and nero express.
I prefer to re-author the discs instead of do a full disc backup, becuase i want to save space and burn faster so this is what i did with my very first 2 dvds.
everything was great, i put nothing on the dvd-r except for the feature movie, removed subtitles, other languages, menus etc.
but when i play these in my livingroom dvd player, they always have subtitles which cannot be removed.
strangely, if these same discs are played on the computer they never have subtitles.
when i do a full disc backup this works fine, the subtitles can be taken off like a normal dvd-rom.
does anyone know how to get rid of this little annoyance?

ps. all the re-authoring is done using DVDshrink - nero just does the burns. couldn’t find a forum for DVDshrink alone though.

Have you tried it in Nero Recode to see if you have the same problem?

no i havent, i’m not sure how to do that…but i’ll try
does nero recode come with nero express?

It is part of Nerovision Express, the second package. Check your CD and see if it is on there. you can also download it at