Nero raw-writing



Nero supports some form of raw copying. Does anybody know which one (raw-dao-16, raw-dao-96)? I can’t find anything about it on the nero website.


No CDFreak reader knows what the raw capabilities are of Nero???

Or is this question maybe a newbie question which shouldn’t been posted here?

How come I don’t get a reaction allthough more than 100 people have seen my question…



I want to help you but I don’t know the answer :o

I use CloneCD for backing-up copy protected discs and I never used Nero and its RAW mode. Basically RAW means writing of uncorrected data. The 16 and 96 (and since a few days also 94 exists) are indications of what type of SubChannel Data is used… Like I said I don’t know which ones Nero uses… I guess it supports 16 since it can write CD-text but I doubt if it supports RAW96 since copy protected PSX games cannot be back-upped with Nero.



Are you sure…
I used Nero to back up the PSX NHL2001 for my bro-in-law and it worked fine… ()NEro and my old HP burner)


some drivers and stuff from clonecd are used from nero’s makers so i’ve read… but olli is gone way further with copying protected games…i think he thinks as a cd writer :>)
but if you don’t trie it you don’t know it…
raw 96 is not really made by a program but through your writer …so if your writer can write raw96 nero will do the job…
thats all my opinion…


I asked the same question back in the early days of nero (pre version 3) and the answer I got back was that yes it is 16. In Answer to the playstation thing, sometime they will just work, depends on the level of protection