Nero randomly hangs while writing iso

System Info:
Nero-, NVE-, and NeroSDK-1.06
Windows Server 2003 w/ SP1
Dual P4 Xeon 3.0 GHz w/ HT

After successfully transcoding a video to DVD, Nero would occassionally hang when writing the iso image. This failure may occur once every three attempts, or once every ten attempts… i.e. the frequency of failures is completely random. Nero just stops writing the iso and stops sending the progress callbacks. The amount of data written to the iso before Nero hangs is also random. I’ve tried upgrading Nero and NVE to the latest version, but then it breaks even before transcoding the video. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you encounter similar problems when using Nero itself?

I have tried it using Nero itself and have not noticed any problems.

I’ve no idea, really, just a wild guess. Are you sure that your code is thread-safe and all Nero callbacks are written as if they are called from a different thread (e.g. in MFC don’t use any GUI objects etc.)?

Does it happen if you disable all callbacks?

What do you mean be “it breaks even before transcoding the video”? Does it have a deadlock, does it crash or just returns an error code?

Can you test the application on another computer with different hardware?