NERO Question

Howdy ppl ,
i have a problem trying to burn web pages to CD for project,s etc…
i get a error before the burn process starts …

“The listed files have no unique joliet name :” then lists the files that have the problem …im new to nero so im in need of some help :bow: thanx in advance…


Have any of the files the same name? You know that in one folder files with the same extension must have a different name. Also very long name can cause this:


According to the options you pick in Nero, the program cuts these names, so you get for example:


You see that all three files get the same name on the cd and this gives an error. This can be avoided by taking shorter names or by choosing different options like ISO level 2 I think. Hope this helps.

Yeah go to File, then Compilation Info, then the ISO tab. Select ISO level 2 for longer file names, and while you’re at it, select ASCII under Character Set, this will allow you to make file names with upper and lower cases and spaces for both the CD name and individual files.

Hope this helps,

Hi I have exactly the same problem The listed files have no unique Joliet name. You mention go into file and change things, but I can’t find anywhere on the Nero Express screen that lists file. I have version 5, is this facility just on a later version?
Hope you can still help, as a few years have passed since you posted your reply.

I don’t know if you can get to it the Nero Express, switch to the full mode for Nero.

No such option in Nero Express can I find.

However I solved the problem by backing up all the desktop shortcuts into a Windows XP backup file and then burning the backup file!