Nero Question

I have recently backed up the whole of my Kylie’s Fever CD album on to my hardrive in MP3 format.

Then one day when bored I decided that I would make a compilation CD which was to include amongst other tracks from other albums the first track from Kylie’s Fever album which is called ‘More More More’. To do this I decided that I would simply use the existing MP3 copy but using Nero I just get the first 14sec of the track will not copy anymore of it to my CDR and the length is displayed as being 14Secs in Nero yet it plays fine in Windows Media Player and Xing and the whole length of the file is displayed.

My question is what is going on? Is there something funny about this track in MP3 format? Is this a new copy protection?

I am now very interested as this appears to be very strange any help would be greatly appreciated.


What settings did you use when you created the MP3 files? Could they be nonstandard settings?

If you convert the MP3 track to a WAV file first, you should then be able to burn it with no problems.

You can use Nero’s Extras / File Encoding to covert the MP3 to a PCM Wav file.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have taken your advice and converted it back to a wav using RazorLame, and can now burn it. Not really sure why that one track was affected though and none of the others still I am happy now. :slight_smile:

Thanks again