Nero question



hi gang

i want to put just part of the soundtrack of a dvd that i made from a video
casette onto a cdr.i only want to capture just the soundtrack and not the
video portion.can nero 6 do this??thanks



If you have the full version which contains Nero Wave Editor, you can do it. If you don’t have that version, there are other programs (retail with trial periods and freeware) that can do it.


a52dec. Google it, it’s good stuff.


i have an issue with the nero 6 express…when i add tracks to the express the songs are 2 long in lenth.a song thats 3 minates with
be saved as 5 minates.somehow the express adds thoes extra min
-ates.this only happenes on certain websites but not from
affects the burning process as i can only get a few songs on the cd’
due to this song timing thing.i can fix the problem with nero but i
want to avoid it if possible…any suggestions will help.thanks.