Nero Question

Hi I am new at this, so please be patient. Now, i have shrink, and cladad on my computer, i tried to download Nero, when i did this my computer didnt like it, so i uninstalled it. now, I have a program Nero 5(old i know) my friend gave it to me. Can i use this program with shrink and caldad? I saw on your site a program called (CD Bruner XP Pro) is this program any good? will it go with Windows XP? if you can help it will great. Thanks Heama : :confused:

If I had any idea of what

was I might be able to help you.

cladvd is a program which you download your dvd to and then it goes to shrink. if you can understand what i am trying to say.i am not very tech.
So what about the old verson of Nero? will it work with shrink? how about the program Cd Burnerxp pro. do you think that is a program that will work with windows xp? thanks for your time. How is the weather there? Thanks again heama