Nero quality tests and optiarc 7200a problem

Please help!
Problem is a little bit difficult.My Optiarc 7200A worked fine and nero quality tests were always about 95%-97%.
I have windows XP,and optiarc 7200a with 1.09 firmware.
I flashed the drive few days after I bought it.No problems with scan,until now.

Tricky is that I unckecked DMA mode in win (it’s a shame,I know).
I tried to revert everything,but with no sucess.DMA is on “let bios select transfer mode”.
I tried to uninstall driver for drive,but no use.
Discs that I burned was MCC 004.
I restored my backed up copy of win XP.Maybe to reinstall XP completely ?
Please help!!!


seems you have installed Nvidia IDE drivers. Maybe they have their own tool to check and adjust DMA settings.
Additionally, you might have a look at the Bios settings.

If you’re only complaining about some “DMA_Off” in Nero, then don’t worry - this is normal, since it can’t detect DMA status with manufacturer drivers.

The other option would be to uninstall Nvidia IDE drivers (only these) using the Nvidia Installer in Control Panel --> “Add/Remove Software”. After a reboot, Windows should then install its own driver.


Is this of any help?

[QUOTE=sbrads;2273479]Is this of any help?[/QUOTE]Not really, since atapi.sys is not used here.
Apart from this, the hotfixes are for XP SP1 and SP2 only.


Thanx to all of you for replying.
I tried to just uninstall nvidia drivers,but with no sucess.
Well,I reinstalled windows…and everything seems fine. I reinstalled new nvidia drivers.
Again,quality scan is about 97%.