Nero Quality Test Why Doesn't Write Speed Show?



I’ve noticed on alot of people’s quality test that the show write speed box is checked and it shows in the test (graph). Others like mine is checked, but shows as “grayed out” and doesn’t show up in the graph. What’s the reason for this?


I think you need to write the disc with nero cd/dvd speed to have the write speed graph. dvd speed somehow saves such info (like the burner the DVD/CD was written with and the write graph) to the disc and reloads it when you do the quality scan AFAIK.


So, it has to be a create data disc in nero cd/dvd speed to work? Or can you burn with Nero burnig rom and it will work also?



Or can you burn with Nero burnig rom and it will work also?

No, but I think (not sure, never tried) when you save/rename a *.iso file to *.nrg file and use the create data disk in Nero it will also show the writespeed.


You have to create the data disc with nero cd/dvd speed.

But in DVD Speeds Options somewhere, you can select to use a Nero image you can create with Nero (choose Image Recorder in Nero) before burning the disc so you dont have to produce lots of useless test discs.

Be aware that CD/DVD Speeds writing procedure appears to me being less good than Neros - but hard to tell, one just doesnt know about memory buffer size and priority setting (“normal” says task manager, maybe increase it) and so on, so run no software at all when burning the image to a DVD.

After that, you have the data you want on it and can do a Quality Scan with Read/Write speeds shown in the graph.


Thanks for the info about it. It had me baffled.