Nero & Profile



I need a little help with Nero. I've been using Nero for awhile now (version and recently and I've noticed the following based upon the following fact pattern:

1)Windows 98SE
2)Multiuser profiles (ie. User1 and User2)

I boot up my computer, log into 98 as user1, install Nero, reboot, log back in as user1, launch Nero, register Nero with proper keygen and burn cd's. No problem.

After doing the above, I reboot, log into 98 as user2, launch Nero and I get a message saying that the serial is invalid for the software and it asks me to register. So I run the keygen again, register the software using the same info as I did when I was logged in as user1 (same name and serial#), the program accepts the info and I start to burn cd's.

The only problem now though, is that after buring a cd, there's no data on the cd. During the burn process, everything is ok. If I log back in 98 as user1, all the cd burns are fine.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions, and don't tell me to only burn cd's while logged in as user1.