Nero probs

Hiya people,

Be gentle with me, this is my first post. I’ve just installed another Nero Burning ROM (my original Nero software, which copied disc-to-disc without any apparent problem, suddenly revealed itself as a demo version - and promptly expired)

So, a friend handed me a copy disc to reinstall the facility. This new version is fine, until you get your two discs ready for the burn: the master copy on the source drive/tray and the blank disc in destination (told you i was a newbie!).

It then insists (and this is the problem) that “the medium is not writable”:

Medium required: CD-R/RW
Medium in recorder: CD-RW

So you try various alternative blank discs and it always comes back with basically the same message, rejecting them as

Medium required: CD-R/RW
Medium in recorder: CD-ROM

and even
Medium required: CD-R/RW
Medium in recorder: CD-R


This must be wrong, surely, everybody who sends me copies of things does them on plain old CD-R, I don’t think anyone’s ever sent me a CD-R/RW…

Is there some way of overwriting this stipulation??

many thanks

I would try to uninstall nero and run a tril of a reg cleaner,you can reinstall but I Think you will have to buy a copy.
You can get oems at some sights,try googling it.

what nero version have you got?
Have you tried it on more than one make or cd alone?
What make of cd are you trying it with?

Hi josh - it’s Nero 5, but I think I’ve been persuaded to go for a legit Nero 7 (as my 5 is a 2nd hand copy anyway so I can’t really complain to Nero about it not working)

The discs it rejected as “not writeable” were a Boots CD-R (700MB 1-52x), a Packard Bell CD-RW (12x speed, 700MB), a Verbatim Datalife CD-R (48x compatible), and a Fujifilm CD-R (up to 52x, also 700 MB)

Someone advised me today that Nero 7 would set me back about £30 - is this right? I can live with that…

Personally I’d try for a Nero 6.6 version from ebay & update to or the latest

Nero 7 is still having issues & I won’t have it near my systems yet.

Yea I would NEVER buy from ebay it like saying **** me so look somewhere else.

Yes It Is right up there with telemarketers and evangelist, and get rich quick, so want to buy a Bridge?

try amazon :wink:

At the worst Amazon is far beter the ebay,I would go with that.

i have actually got a couple of nero 7 cds for sale, its the new nero 7. It is a copy but is a legal key. The installer is a demo version, but after that its normal nero ultra 7, the key unlocks the software.
I have been selling these cds for £5 on ebay, (£1.30 p&p) i will send you out the cd for £5.50 inc postage if you would like? The cds i use with nero 7 the one i have got is Bulpaq 80mb 52x. for £6 i can stick a couple of them in for you, just to test as they work fine with my nero version (i use the same one as what im selling, both nero and the bulpaq cds)
You can pay via the following methods:
Paypal (preferred)
Postal order (dont mind)
Cash in post (least liked option)

Its up to you and if you have any other options then please just mail me back on here or to

Im also selling cds of Internet Explorer 7 and Microsoft office 12 (2007) pre release versions along with genuine xp pro sp2 cds
Please email me anyone who wants any of these please.


It is illegal anyway. :cop:

Read the forum rules.

If the original included Nero software acts up, my recommendation would be to completely uninstall it and then reinstall the original disc. If requested, the serial for the original disc is usually printed on the paper holder for the disc.

Sorry, but the discussion of obtaining or using unofficially copied software is not allowed here.

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