Nero problems


I would like to know if some can please help

I had Nero 6.x installed on my pc(yes I know its old but it wored for me) and the I got Nero 7.5 which I installed but during the installation it told me that I must uninstall the previous version and then it gave me an option to uninstall and I clicked yes and it coninued the installation and then just before the end of the installation it gave me an error “Unable to initialize the Nero API. Unspecified error” and then I click ok and when I tried to run Nero i got this error “This program requires the file advrcntr2.dll, which was not found on this system” which I then downloaded and then worked. then I rebooted my system and tried once again to run Nero but still no luck, this time I got this error " C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\Lib\NeroFileDialog.dll"

Can someone please help Im not sure what to do because I tried to repair the installation and I get the same errors, I tied removing it and then I then another error “installation failed please reinstall Nero” but that too doesnt want to work

I seriously dont know what to do anymore… need help please!!:bigsmile:

Welcome to cdfreaks

This is a known problem

There are some cleaning tools for you to download from Nero
EDIT: better link here…click for Nero 6…it opens up a bunch of instructions and a download button for the tool

Run these then try re-installing from your new disc

After running the clean tool it is a good idea to run Ccleaner to clean up any bits left over from the removal…reboot and then try installing again as suggested.

Thanks man! I hope this works… Will let you know

Good luck and happy burning.

The Nero cleaner worked perfectly… Thanks once again! I was contemplating on formating my pc and I came across this site shooo! im I glad!!

Cheers :slight_smile: