Nero Problemo

Ever since installing Nero has refused to burn at any speed higher than 20x

I recently updated to to see if that fixed the problem, but no luck.

Running XP with stock IDE drivers.
EPoX 8kha+ mobo (VIA chipset)
And a LiteOn 24x Burner. (5s54 firmware)

The really weird thing is I took my burner up to my mates place for a week to sponge a few cds off him, and no matter what I did, I couldnt burn at any speed higher than 16x. (he is using an Intel system)

Using Verbatim Metal AZO brand media. Rated at 16x, but ive burnt fine at 24x in the past. (pre
Also tried Sony branded media, Princo, Kodak and Imation.

Oh, when I power up with a fresh boot of XP/98 I can see 24x as the max supported speed in Nero. However, as soon as I put in a blank it changes to 20x. CloneCD is fine. Itll chugg along at 24x with no problems. Methinks its a problem with the Nero ASPI layer…?

Any help much appreciated.

What kind of writing times do you get with both Nero and CloneCD? Methinks that maybe although CloneCD says it’s writing at 24x it may just be using 20x… For a full 700MB you should get a writing time of about 4:10.

Maybe Nero sees the disc as an 20x qualified and changes to 20x max writing speed. Did you try a different brand yet?

But like GameFreak said, those 24x writers (like the Lite-On & Plextor) say they burn in 24x but if you look at the time they take to burn a cd you’ll see they reach 22x max!! I own a Plex2410A and I’ve benched it a few times working with CCD & Nero but the highest I got was 21,7x speed!

I used to be able to burn full 700meg cds in 3.5 mins in Nero.

now with the 20x setting, im hitting over 4mins a cd.

CloneCD will still write a cd at 24x/whatever under 4mins. (as long as the cd isnt protected of course)
CDMate will also chugg along at 24x/whatever

Its just Nero. Have tried different media. Even media rated at 24x. It still changes to 20x as max supported write speed as soon as the cd is inserted.

ie- when I goto the ‘Choose Recorder’ dialogue. It lists my burner as only capable at Writing cds at 20x
If I Remove the blank, it stays locked at that speed. I have to restart for it to say my burner is 24x again. And then it starts again when I put a blank in.

Im using the copy of Nero that came with my burner and using the updater from the web. Could that be the problem?

Well, you could try to uninstall Nero and then install the newest version that you can download @ Ahead’s. (no keys there though!) :slight_smile:

Same rom here with nero and using old K6-2 500 with no problems here running Win2kAS. I did after upgrading my rom have to uninstall and reinstall all my burning warez. It wouldnt even recognize my burner.
Wookie is probably right.

Everytime you insert a recordable to the recorder the CDR is checked by Nero with the recorder. The CDR is asked what the maximum write speed is. The answer is shown as maximum selectable write speed in Nero. To be able to burn at 24X or higher, you should use CDR certified for that speed.

Does it work if you use CDRs certified for 24X or higher?


I’d still check at the media, I Have a LiteOn 161040 and I can’t bunr CDs with any higher speed than the default for the CD.

Yet I’ve noticed something odd…withut any CD on tray, Nero recognizes it like a 12X

Yes, Metal AZO and Cyanine CD-R discs may have problems at higher speeds. I so more and more CD-R disc manufacturers turning to phthalocyanine DYE layer in their CD-R discs.

Phthalocyanine discs will look gold/yellow/nearly silver/very light green on the recording side of the disc.

Phthalocyanine disks is the way to go, longer lifetime, better reflectivity, better compatibility with most readers, tolerates higher write speed.

The only downside is that some old writer ( <4X ) may not write them properly.

I guess it’s not nero’s fault, you probably upgraded to firmware 5s54 at the same time. The 5s54 firmware is optimized in many ways, which also means that some CD-R discs will write at lower speeds, because they sometimes failed when you tried to write at higher speeds than they were certified for.

2 examples:

Verbatim Metal AZO, now only writes at 20X (same with plextor 24X also writes at 20X only)
Taiyo Yuden 74minutes discs, now only writes at 16X(also same with plextor 24X), these discs often failed when writing at 20X or 24X with the earlier firmware versions. PERSONALLY TESTED!