Nero Problem

Im having problems when using nero, as soon as it starts to burn the disk the pc seems to freeze and nero takes full control over the pc? I cant do anything at all on the pc when nero is running, i have formated and re-installed still the same, i have all the latest drivers,
Running Windows 2000 pro
512mb ddr 2700 ram
Amd Athlon xp 2400+
80gb Maxtor H/D
Dvd Rom connected as slave on same ide as Hard drive
Dvd writer set as second master on its own ide.

I have no other burning software on my pc at all, all i have on is windows and office, oh and dvd shrink but ive tried it without shrink on and its the same.

Any Ideas?:bow:

I have/had a similar problem. Maybe it is the same as yours…