Nero problem

i was burning an svcd in .cue/.bin format. at the beginning of the burning process i got an error, and in the log it said that my recorder does not support TAO. im not sure if ive always had it set to TAO but ive never had any problems like this ever before. if you need more information just let me know, any helpw ould be greatly appreciated.

my recorder is Plextor 12/10A

I’ve never burnt a s/vcd but I’m getting around to it :wink: I thought that I would just go ahead in DAO (from the burn window) or DAO96 if I knew that there was text or graphics that needed to go over…menu & chapter stuff, for some reason I thought that this would be subcode channel stuff, but I’m not sure (don’t have the pre-mastering soft app yet). I can only imagine that TAO is needed if your burner doesn’t support DAO, but your does, so why not try DAO?

Sorry I can’t be more help.

I always burn my cue/bin (all types of compilations) with Nero in DAO. Default setting is TAO so just change it before hitting BURN! :wink:

I once tried burning an image in DAO96 with my Plex2410 but the it gave me a coaster. :stuck_out_tongue: Think it’s only if the image is RAW96 or something like that. (not sure on that last one)