Nero problem

Hi! I want to make an audio compilation CD using Nero but I get the following message when I select to burn a track from any CD: “Sorry, Nero cannot determine the SCSI/Atapi Device that corresponds with this drive letter”. Reasons for this may be:

  • reading .cda from a recorder, which is not supported
  • the source drive does not support CDDA reading
  • the source drive reads CDDA too slowly
  • the Nero driver is not installed or not working properly"

I am thinking that the problem is that I only have one drive which is both the source and destination since it’s an inbuilt CD Writer (I bought my computer a few months ago and it came with the “Sony CD-RW CRX100E 2.0h” inbuilt). Do you think this would be the problem. The only solution it seems is to use: CD recorder -> track saving to create an Audio CD (ie, save the track on the computer as a wav and then burn) - is there any loss in quality? I am also thinking of getting Easy CD Creator or WinOnCD (Power Edition) - what would u recommend for me from the above?

ok, most of time, you loose quality by converting audio, but from cda to wav, if you use cd quality (44.000/128,…) you don’t have a ear that could make difference (human ear can’t), opposite to mp3 that loose quality, but have anyway the best ratio compression/quality

Easy CD Creator is piece of crap to me, but is good for newbie to familiarize with cd burn world, i dunno about winoncd, but i heard it’s good…

hope that help