Nero Problem

I am having a strange problem with (Make Your Own DVD-Video) in Nero. It converts and burns just fine but when you play it back in a stand alone DVD player the soud and voices don’t jive with the movie they are way off. I have the latest version of Nero, i’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Nero with the same problem. I also have Roxio 7.5 and I use Convert Divx to DVD and that works perfect. The reason I want Nero is because it’s much faster and you can make and Manipulate menus. I use two different DVD burners First is a Samsung second an LG. I also check the .avi before converting and its always perfect. Can someone please HELP!!!

Intel - QX6800 Quad @2.93 Ghz
2 Gigs of Ram
Windows XP Media Edition
500 Gigs on th Hard drive set up in Raid 0
ATI X1950 Pro 512 MB ram