Nero problem with DL?

I tryed to burn an 8,2GB iso file on a DL DVD, but the problem is that when i get to the screen just before starting the burn, where you can choose the numbers of copies and so on, there stands that the Burner is set to cd writing even tough i set him on dvd in the beginning, when i start the burning, i get the message “iso to big for cd, use dvd ?”

I’m using Nero

any idea what that could be ?

Select the DVD drive as the BURNER.

i selected “LG GSA-4136B [DVD]” as the Burner at the start
and in the screen before the burning process starts nero shows “LG GSA-4163B[CD-R]” as the target writer, but for some reason i can’t change it back to [DVD]

I had the same problem but with a .nrg image created by the previous NeroVision version: the first time it burned fine, gave the above error on subsequent attempts. An update and then a new full system install later, the problem is gone.

Try either completely uninstalling Nero, then reinstalling. If that doesn’t help. roll back to the provious version.

do not use nero to burn dl.Use Dvd Decypter.Iti s one of 2 apps(the other being copyTodvd) I know that do DL perfectly.

Thanks :bow: , i used Dvd Decypter and it worked, sadly the verify did not at 55% he said error. Propably the damn media from Platinum which is a Ritek D01. :frowning: :Z :Z :frowning:

Well the next time i will get a Verbatim DL. :wink: