NERO problem with burning disc"s over 700mb

hi I need help, I use nero and I have a problem with burning disc"s over 700mb. Nero reads them like cds of 700 mb, example: a disk of 800mb is read as a disk of 700 mb.
please help.

If your burner supports overburning just check the option in the experts properties, you’ll find there what you want and it could be that nero shows the disc capacity of 700 instead of 800, but i’m not really sure but anyways like i said have a look in the properties
i mentioned.

I think that most software will only show the disc as being 700mb or 79min x secs. As rapid fire says , check the options in expert properties. Even with overburn set to 90mins Nero will still only show it as 79mins.

When I set NEROs experts properties for overburning from 80min to 95min it still reads them as cd"s of 700 mb

That’s what I said it would do, not sure after it’s burned what it’ll show though.

it doesn’t want to burn the cds, it ejects them and says that there isn’t enough space for the file to be burned.
That yellow marker on the bottom of Nero, when you add files that you want to burn show that the cd has a capacity of 800 mb, when you change it in the extra properties for over burning, when it’s time to burn it ejects the cd and says this cd has a capacity of 703 mb and your file is bigger. No matter what kind of cds I use ,some are 790mb others 800mb, it always says that.

Not all burners will burn CD-R over 80mins. What’s brand is yours?

my cd burner previously burned 800mb discs.