Nero problem - SCSI/ATAPI command timeout error


I am using Win ME and have recently installed Nero

I have a Teac CD-W54E external USB burner

I have succesfully burnt a data CD-RW disc

but when i tried to burn a audio tracks off my hard disk onto a
CD-R i recieved this error message:
SCSI/ATAPI command timeout error

My burner has no problems with it as it can burn perfectly when i use Clone CD and other problems

Any ideas??

I have also had this same problem more times than I should. My theory on this, is this: Nero fails and produces that error because the wrong write speed has been chosen either by Nero or by the user. Example: Inserted media 16x , Nero says it will burn at 32x, you let Nero choose the higher speed and attempt a burn, it fails and you get the error. You drop the speed down to 16x, maybe it will and maybe it won’t. In my case, I had to drop the speed down to 12x to get a successful burn with no error. I think this applies to all media that isn’t spot-on with the Lite-On burners. CMC(Tdk)media is a prime example of this Nero error, Tdk says it will burn at 48x when in reality, it will only burn at 12x. Just my theory on this most annoying problem.

I have had that problem a few times on different computers. I have found that the problem is always present on computers that has more than one burning software’s drivers somewhere on the computer. They are called “Ghost Drivers”. Burning software that is either on your computer now, or was deleted before Nero is causing “Driver Conflict”. Here is what works for me everytime: Start your PC in “Safe Mode”. When safe mode opens, Right click the my computer icon, click properties. In the system properties dialog box click device manager. When the list of devices opens click the plus box next to CD Rom. All of CD Rom drives, past and present will show up. Highlight every one, then click “Remove” at the bottom of the dialog box. Then highlight the Writer(s) and remove them. Now you should not have any “Rom or Writers” shown.
That will remove all drivers associated with your cd rom and your writer(s). Dont worry! Next you go to “Disk Drives” and click the plus box. All of the Disk Drives will show up. Highlight each and Click Remove. Remove each one. Click OK and close the system properties box. Restart your computer. Windows will update your settings with the correct drivers for the devices that are on your computer NOW. All conflicting drivers, and ghost drivers will be gone. Upon restarting, windows will restore only the drivers needed. Not the others that cause the problem.

I had this exact same problem, and I think both REDKING and pomchew hit it pretty much right on the nail. Like Numeric, I use Windows Me and Ahead Nero, version (which came bundled with my generic 52x24x52x internal CD-RW drive). Also, like REDKING, my CD burner works great at low burn speeds, but I can’t burn over 16x without getting the timeout errors (which occur, even during simulation runs).

My burner used to work just “fine” at max speed several months ago (at least as well as it could on an Me system anyway). However, though I am not entirely sure whether this is the root of the problem, the errors began after I re-installed my Lite-On DVD±RW burner (which my friend borrowed a few months ago). But since I hardly ever use my CD burner, I’m not sure whether the DVD±RW drive has anything to do with it, but it does fit in with REDKING’s description.

However, I do not believe the problem is entirely software related, because I installed my DVD drive once before (including all associated drivers and software), and the CD burner used to work fine. The only thing I could think of is that it has to do something with the fact that my Lite-On DVD burner is hooked up to the second IDE port on a PCI controller card, while nothing is hooked up to the first IDE port on the card. (I used to have a 200 GB hard drive, and since older motherboards cannot handle hard drives with capacities over 137 GB, I had to install the controller card, and since I ran out of IDE ports, I decided to hook up my DVD drive to the card as well. Recently, though, I accidentally broke my 200 GB drive :sad:, so I removed it, but I left the DVD burner hooked up to the card.)

My guess is that the controller card is causing some sort of “confusion” among the hardware, and the hard drive can’t send the data to my burner fast enough when I burn at high speeds, as my recorder’s read buffer drops below 20% right when the burn process begins (at 6% completion).

Another possibility is that the error is software-related and has to do with some recent Sonic MyDVD driver update, since I recently updated my Sonic MyDVD driver software that came with the DVD burner. New drivers in the update could be causing and/or contributing to the problem. Probably, though, it has to do with some interaction of all of the above (the OS, the setup of the DVD drive, and the driver update).

Whatever the case, the burn does appear to work successfully at 8x, although the only burn I’ve tried since then was a coaster that “burned successfully”. That may be due to some other problems, though. :rolleyes: