Nero problem...hard drive sapce, help please?

hello, ive run into a problem with the space on my hard drive. i had 5.5 GIG of free space on my 20 GIG hard drive. i had a DVD-RW full of mp3 albums that a freind made for me and i wanted to make a copy of the disk onto a DVD-R for myself. so using nero 6 ultra edition i went to “COPY AND BACKUP” icon and chose COPY DISC. so it copies it to the hard drive, then i inserted the blank DVD-R and it copies it to the DVD-R. but i just dont know what’s gone wrong, becasue now it says i only have 1.5 GIG left. its like it has’nt deleted the DVD image from the hard drive. ive searched my whole drive, using norton
aswell and cant find anything from the DVD. nero caches DVD data in the same place as it does for CD’S and it always deletes my CD data, also the “delete image file after disc copy” is checked, which is correct i think?
its the first time i have ever made a copy of a DVD-RW onto a DVD-R disc, but ive copied cd’s exactly the same way and never had amy probs. also i have just now tried copying a CD and it has done the same thing again, and my hard drive space is left with only 600MB now. i dont understand what’s going on?..all i know is i think the problem started as soon as i tried making a copy of the DVD-RW disc to a DVD-R disc. man if anybody knows how to fix this problem or can give me any advcie or help that would be much appreciated.
computers can REALLY annoy me so much sometimes ; )


Just a suggestion, make sure you have an empty recycle bin and also the norton protected files are empty
maybe norton is protecting you from deleting these files
and they are in the hidden part of the recycle bin

Boot Windoze into Safe Mode, so as to disable that Norton crap. Do a search from Windoze Explorer on your hard drive for all files created in the past few days. The culprits should show up there.