Nero problem/extra $$ vs PowerDVD

Hi, I’m just getting started w/DVD burning & so far, have bought AnyDVD, CloneDVD2 & CloneCD. I also have Nero 6, and am evaluating PowerDVD - trying to figure out the best software combo is not easy. Here’s my problem…when I try to play a DVD, first I get an error message “Fail to set display frequency to 72hz” - is this something I need to change using Control Panel (WinXP)? Nero Showtime 2 gives me a popup DVD-Video plug-in required & a link to spend more $$$ for MPEG-2 recording playback. Do I
-need- this? Trial version PowerDVD will play the DVD…even ignoring the frequency error message.

I’ve been happy w/Nero as far as CD burning goes, is Showtime worth the extra $$$ for the DVD plug-in? Should I just opt for PowerDVD, since it works? Or is there some other software I have yet to consider?

My apologies if this is a redundant question, I didn’t see a similar one in archives, although I haven’t yet read every one!



i like powerdvd and play most everything with it
did you buy your burner because it seems it comes packaged with almost every burner

I bought Nero because I like the interface for CD recording…I can either spend another $25 for the DVD plug-in, or $49 to upgrade to Nero Ultra. The big unknown is if I’ll be satisfied with the video editing capabilty.