Nero Problem - "CRC failed in Common Files\DSFilters\"

Heres the full readout when I try to install Nero:
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins
Extracting Nero\CDI
Extracting Common Files
Extracting CoverDesigner
Extracting Common Files\DSFilters
Extracting ImageDrive
Extracting Common Files\Lib
Extracting CoverDesigner\LSTemplates
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\msa7
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero BackItUp
Extracting nero soundtrax
Extracting Nero StartSmart
Extracting Nero Toolkit
Extracting Nero Wave Editor
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets
Extracting Redist
Extracting setup
Extracting System
Extracting CoverDesigner\Templates
Extracting WMPBurn
Extracting Nero\CDI\CDI_VCD.APP
Extracting Common Files\DSFilters\
CRC failed in Common Files\DSFilters\
Unexpected end of archive

Whats wrong?

“Unexpected end of archive” usually means that the file you are trying to extract from is incomplete. You may try downloading it again. Alternatively, you can download a Nero MD5 Verifier and check if the file is downloaded correctly by comparing the calculated MD5 checksum with the one found on the download page.